My Projects

Advanced PHP 2

The page opens with a list of books presented pleasingly on the page, including a thumbnail of each book. ‘server.php’ file is included as part of this assignment.

Advanced PHP 1

This assignment has both PHP and in Javascript to create a finished product. Created a server.php in PHP to act as an API to the database, and created HTML files that use Javascript to render the final view.


Created a new Laravel Installation in PHP MVC repository. Designed a small data model for entity planets.


Created the start of a blog site web app that shows a list of blogs, and the detail for blogs. It has Admin set up as well.


Created the start of a movie web app that shows a list of movies, and the detail for specific movies.

PHP Capstone Project

The PHP Capstone project is the culmination of the PHP block of courses and is intended to allow us to demonstrate the knowledge and skills we have acquired over the past few months.

HTML5 and CSS3 Capstone Project

This is the capstone project for the HTML5/CSS courses, where I created a complete five-page operational, static website. I used the previous Photoshop-based web mock-ups as a guide. The course was to test website and troubleshoot any coding problems.

Advanced Javascript

A single Web page that contains a number of HTML5 API’s, including Local Storage, Drag and Drop, and HTML5 Canvas

Intermediate Javascript 3

A project that uses the jQuery library to create some interactivity and animation on a Web page.

Intermediate Javascript 2

Using cookies to save some information and displaying on a separate page